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This is a collection of resources that can help you in your career as a cigar enthusiast: articles on the sensory aspects, the pairings, the culture, as well as quizzes to test your cigar knowledge.


Knowledge collection on cigar tasting

Of Cigar Tasting – The Olfactory and Gustatory Senses
Of Cigar Tasting – The Aromas
Of Cigar Tasting – The Tastes
Of Cigar Tasting – Developing the Nose
Of Cigar Tasting – The Raw Cigar
Of Cigar Tasting – The Lit Cigar
Of Cigar Tasting – The Mechanics
Of Cigar Tasting – The Nicotine Strength
Of Cigar Tasting – The Organoleptic Characteristics : Quality and Balance
Of Cigar Tasting – The Organoleptic Characteristics : Complexity
Of Cigar Tasting – The Evolution of a Cigar

Of Cigar Flavors…
The Cigar Sense Aromas Wheel
Of Cigar Aging…
Vieillir un Cigare (version francaise)
I Like That Wrapper
Of Cigar Tasting – What Does “Body” Mean?
How does a cigar’s construction affect off-flavors?

Knowledge collection on cigar pairings

Of Pairing Cigars and Beverages
Cigars and Champagne
Cigars and Sake
Cigars and Music, an Enriching Esperience (I)
Cigars and Music, an Enriching Experience (II)
Cigars and Perfumes
Cigars and Perfumes II, Create Your Own Pairings
Cigars and Balsamic Vinegar

Knowledge collection on cigar culture

Cigar Myths Explained
The Cigar Sommelier
The Cigar Smoker Career
Of Cigar Map and Territory…
Talking Cigars
Of Cigar Connoisseurs… Nicola Pileggi
X° Aniversario Encuentro Amigos De Partagas En Italia – 24-27 JUNE 2015
EL HABANO, Lengua, Historia, Sociedad de un Producto Transcultural
Of Hombres Habanos : Manuel Tuero Paz and Valerio Cornale
The Premium Cigar Consumer Power
Manufacturer Information For The Aging Of Our Cigars
The Best Cigar To Give To Someone As A Gift
Reviewers Roles And Responsibilities
The Habanos World Challenge Contest
Of Cigar Testing
Cigars and Friendship
Cigars and Networking
How do you become Habanos World Challenge Champion?
How do cigar consumers fight for their cigar rights?
An intangible cultural heritage

Cigar Sense values

The Cigar Sense Manifesto
Our Top Cigars List?
Case Study Shows How Cigar Sense Helps Retailers Delight Customers
The Advanced Cigar Sense Database Search
The Quick Rate Feature
Cigar Sense | What Is It? What’s New And Why You Need To Try It
Cigar Sense Members’ Choice Awards 2018
Personalized Cigar Recommendations – Accuracy
Personalized Cigar Recommendations – Discovery
Personalized Cigar Recommendations – Transparency
Personalized Cigar Recommendations – User Control
Personalized Cigar Recommendations – Sales Motive
Personalized Cigar Recommendations – Personalization
Personalized Cigar Recommendations – Cigar Knowledge
Personalized Cigar Recommendations – Privacy

Cigar Sense podcast

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Cigar knowledge quizzes

Quiz No. 1
Quiz No. 2
Quiz No. 3
Quiz No. 4 – The Senses
Quiz No. 5 – The “Raw” Cigar
Quiz No. 6 – Myths, Biases, …?
Are you a discerning cigar consumer?


Our aim is to help you refine your cigar sense knowledge and your ability to fully appreciate the experience of every cigar you smoke. If you are looking for basic knowledge or other topics we haven’t covered yet, let us know. You can also check the Cigar Journal knowledge page.


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