Cigar Sense Members Choice Awards 2018


Cigar Sense is pleased to announce its inaugural Members Choice Awards starting in 2018! With thousands of consumers among seventy countries across the world, this list provides a snapshot of consumer preferences for specific cigars and overall brands.

How does it work?

  1. Cigar Sense exists to serve our consumer members, hence we give primacy to what they like, not what we think of the cigars.
  2. The top cigar lists that we publish are simply what our members tell us they like throughout the year, for this publication we take their input entered during the last 12 months ending 30 November 2018.
  3. Only paid members and active users who are given a complimentary premium membership can provide feedback to us through our quick rate feature and tasting notes, meaning this list is based on actions taken by committed users.
  4. The members’ feedback represented in these lists is the same feedback that drives their recommendations, so they have an inherent motivation to be fair and honest.
  5. These member choices are not focused on new releases, but simply whichever cigars members have told us they like. The ‘eligible’ cigars are those in our database, currently numbering nearly 2000, representing 312 brands.
  6. As our panel does not ‘score’ cigars, we do not publish any scores here, only the ranking in terms of which cigars and brands have been liked the most by our members: the more unique members tell us they like the cigar, the higher the cigar and its marketer are ranked
  7. Since we don’t sell cigars, nor advertising, there is no sales and margin motive affecting our lists.
  8. We have no sponsors, our relationship with manufacturers strives to go beyond adding their cigars to our database. When our members ask us to add cigars that we do not get from manufacturers, we purchase the samples at street price whenever we can.
  9. The top cigar in our list is the Partagas Serie D No. 4. On 9 January 2018, Habanos confirmed that the cigar is their world best-seller, which can be seen as a validation of the data if you like to use the best-seller logic. However, please understand that “sold” does not always correlate to “liked”:
    1. “sold” mostly depends on marketing and sales efforts and reflects supply
    2. “liked” mostly depends on consumer personal preferences, within which brand awareness and loyalty can be huge or insignificant. This reflects demand.

So with that context in mind, let’s look at what our members most often say they like.  We have a list of top cigar choices and, based on that, we created a list grouping all the cigar choices into marketers. If we could, we would recognize the blenders and the factories, but as we don’t have that information for all cigars in our database, the most fair representation is to list the marketers.

Important: the lists represent our members choices at worldwide level. We are not publishing lists at regional or country level simply because we don’t want to overwhelm our readers. If someone needs a regional/country or other breakdown, we’d be happy to provide it.

See the Cigar Sense Members Choice Awards 2018 by cigar

See the Cigar Sense Members Choice Awards 2018 by producer / marketer

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