To help our members test (and expand) their knowledge, we offer a series of quizzes. Enjoy the Cigar Sense Quiz N. 1!


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4 Thoughts on “Cigar Sense Quiz N. 1”

  • Before we added the leaderboard in the current format, the following users scored extremely well:

    100% Kevin Sirman
    100% Ram41662
    100% Mike Lindsey
    80% Justwayne
    80% Mario
    100% Scott Krinsky
    100% Sunbum
    100% lehmanj23
    100% meroli90
    100% J455man361


  • I have my CRT from Tobacco University, so I should have been able to answer all the questions! This is a creat test for consumers.

    • This quiz is a bit difficult, we must admit. Great you have a TU certification too! It’s always great to continue our own education, the cigar world has so many aspects. We hope you’ll enjoy the next quizzes we will publish!

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