X° Aniversario Encuentro Amigos de Partagas en Italia - 24-27 June 2015


This is one event that provides such an exceptionally high quality of educational and cultural content that we cannot ignore it.  It all started as a yearly gathering of friends in Matelica, Italy, and has now evolved to be one of the most important European events for serious cigar passionados.

I will let the visuals talk rather than text. Here are the videos. Although in Italian, they are able to transmit very well how seriously the cigar culture (and not only) is taken during this event.

The event is organized by the Cigar Club Matelica (part of the national Cigar Club Association), in collaboration with a number of high-profile institutional and niche market representatives.


The program:

June 25 through July 25
PAINTINGS EXHIBITION : painters Luca Di Paolo and Pieter Paul Rubens
PHOTO EXHIBITION (original erotic photographs from 1920’s), Hotel Fioriti yard : Ramon Iglesias Centeno, official photographer of the Habano Festivals

Wednesday, June 24, 9pm, Palazzo Servanti Confidati, San Severino Marche
BANQUET with “Dante”: dinner with music, poetry and cigars
Speaker: Luca Di Dio

Thursday, June 25, 9pm
PEASANT PARTY : grilled meats with rum, wine, cigars and musical accompaniment by “Quartet Eccetera

Friday, June 26

  • Speakers : Giuseppe Elefante (Catador), Stefano Minoia (Sales Director, Diadema Spa), Stefano Fanticelli (President, Maledetto Toscano and Flute Professor), Paolo Michele Jucker (President, Associazione Wagneriana)
  • Cigar: Trinidad Vigia
  • Musician : Cecilia AiraghiX° Aniversario Encuentro Amigos de Partagas en Italia - 24-27 June 2015

5:30pm, Spazio Immagine : Seminar VINTAGE CIGAR AND VINTAGE RUM TASTING

  • Speakers : Alejandro Gonzales Pollan (Ron Santiago), Giuseppe Elefante (Catador), Stephane Montjourides (Laurent Perrier Italia)
  • Cigars : Partagas Coronas 1950
  • Champagne: Grand Siecle Laurent Perrier
  • Rum : Isla Del Tesoro (Fidel Castro State Reserve)
X° Aniversario Encuentro Amigos de Partagas en Italia - 24-27 June 2015
Ron Isla del Tesoro

9pm, Borgo Lanciano : WELCOME DINNER. Cuban music and entertainment, rum, beer, wine and cigars

Saturday, June 27
During the afternoon: street food and wine, classic American cars from the 50’s

11am, City Hall : meeting between the City and the Cuban Embassy authorities, with guests

3:30pm, Teatro Piermarini : 1st Seminar THE HISTORY OF THE READER. Zoe Nocedo presents the “Il Lector – The Reader”

4:30pm, Teatro Piermarini : 2nd Seminar LA OTRA HISTORIA DEL TABACO. Docu-film presented by Laura Mariottini and Alessandro Oricchio of La Sapienza University of Rome. A video-clip on Cuba will be presented by Aleyda Castellanos del Mintur.

5:30pm, Loggiato degli Ottoni, Museo Piersanti : Seminar VINTAGE CIGAR TASTING AND VINTAGE RUM WITH WINSTON CHURCHILL

  • Speakers : Alex Pietrogiacomi (Journalist), Paul De Sury (Writer ), Marco Odescalchi (Catador), Giuseppe Elefante (Catador)and Alejandro Gonzales Pollan (Ron Santiago)
  • Cigar : Trinidad Fundadores  2001 (cab 50)
  • Rum : Siglo Y Medio
X° Aniversario Encuentro Amigos de Partagas en Italia - 24-27 June 2015
Trinidad Fundadores cab 50 2001


X° Aniversario Encuentro Amigos de Partagas en Italia - 24-27 June 2015
Siglo Y Medio



9pm, piazza E. Mattei : GALA DINNER with chamber music, great rums and three cigars

  • Cigars : Ramon Allones Short Perfecto ER Italia, Partagas Series D N. 6, Montecristo Churchill Anejado


Among the gadgets:

    • Official commemorative jar of 25 Partagas D4 doble anilla, black, produced with Diadema SpA, limited to 60
    • Commemorative jar (empty), white, produced in Cuba, limited to 25
    • Commemorative munjeca "Encuentro Amigos de Partagas", produced by Portuguese artist
    • Collection ashtrays, limited to 30 by type, with 2 original images of the Cuban artist Xavier Llovet, with certificate of guarantee and authenticity
      X° Aniversario Encuentro Amigos de Partagas en Italia - 24-27 June 2015
      Commemorative Jar Partagas D4

The entire Italian cigar world is still mourning for Massimo De Giovanni. He has been the soul of this event's origin and growth, as well as one of the most generous and knowledgeable passionados promoting genuine culture and passion in the Italian premium cigar smokers communities.This year, the X° Aniversario Encuentro Amigos de Partagas en Italia will be dedicated to Massimo.

X° Aniversario Encuentro Amigos de Partagas en Italia - 24-27 June 2015
X Encuentro Cuba Italy flags

Cost of tastings and dinners:
'Peasant party', Thursday 25 Jun: 35,00€, including cigar
Seminar 'Live Music and Cigar Sparkling Emotions', Friday 26 Jun: 20,00€
Seminar 'Vintage Cigar and Vintage Rum Tasting', Friday 26 Jun: 50,00€
Welcome Dinner, Friday 26 Jun: 50,00€, including cigars
Seminars 'The Story of the Reader' and 'La Nueva Ruta del Tabaco', Saturday 27 Jun: free
Seminar 'Vintage Cigar Tasting and Vintage Rum with Winston Churchill', Saturday 27 Jun: 50,00€
Gala Dinner, Saturday 27 Jun: 110,00€, including cigars

Reservations are accepted until 15 June - instructions on how to make reservations and payments, hotels, driving directions, photo and video galleries and a wealth of additional information is available at the Amigos de Partagas en Italia website.

Another great article on this event, with lots of images, can be found in this interesting blog "Cuban Cigars, Culture & Lifestyle"

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